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Alexander Krestovskiy

Born in 1976 in Moscow. Graduated from the Surikov Art Institute in Moscow (faculte of monumental painting) in 2000. Since 2002 a member of the Moscow Union of Artists.

Being based upon realistic traditions, the creativity of A. Krestovskiy has included elements of other cultures. He likes to merge impressionism and naivety art, ethnic motives and realism.


1994 - Central Hall of the Culture, Moscow
1995 - Gogolevsky boulevard, 10, Moscow
1996 - Gogolevsky boulevard, 10, Moscow
1996 - Actor's House in honor of Yablockova, Moscow
1996 - Dedemotiho, Greece
1997 - Gogolevsky boulevard, 10, Moscow
1997 - Shtutgart, Germany
1997 - Kuznetskiy most, 20, Moscow
1998 - Centrall House of Artists, Moscow
1998 - Exhibition hall at Petrovka, 20, Moscow
1999 - Kuznetskiy most, 20, Moscow
1999 - Central Hall of the Culture, Moscow
1999 - Exhibition hall at Petrovka, 20, Moscow
2000 - Kuznetskiy most, 20, Moscow
2000 - Exhibition hall at Nikolskaya, Moscow
2001 - Kuznetskiy most, 20, Moscow

His works are in private collections and galleries in Russia, France, Germany, Greece and Great Btitain.

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