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Summing up the heritage of world painting, originality of creative manner, professional training - there is the basis of success of the group. It allows the artists to work in all genres of easel and monumental painting: portrait, landscape, still-life, genre composition, fresco, sgraffito and mosaic.

Easel department

- Series of interior paintings;
- All spectrum of portrait paintings: from ceremonial portraits to psychological ones;
- Creative, unique works in any genre;

Monumental department

- monumental paintings in fresco style, oil on the major format canvases, acril or oil on a hardboard etc.;
- sgraffito (any degree of difficulty);
- mosaic (both forward and return stacking of smalta).

All works are to be made exclusively by artists of the group in the constant coordination with the customer. Design of restaurants "B.B.KING", "Rio-Grande", "Blue Bird"; involvement in paintings of a temple of Svyato-Vvedenskoy Optinoy Pustyni, temple of the Christ the Savior in Moscow are in our list of finished projects.

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